Tuesday, October 10, 2006


There's something especially annoying about having a cold - or a minor dose of the flu, or whatever virus I have at the moment - when it's such a glorious day outside.

I can't help but feel it should be grey, overcast and raining, instead of having all this bright sunshine streaming down.

My sinuses are blocked, I have a serious case of the sniffles, and my chest is constricted, making me want to cough all the time.


For the record, can I just say that it's actually quite difficult editing, and paying close attention to detail, when I feel this crap? Why couldn't I get sick next week, after the Fringe Festival is over, and when my boss is back from his holiday?


*sulks in corner*


Anonymous said...

I really hope your cold-flu or whatever virus it is that you have goes away soon...as for you getting sick this week when your boss is here, rather than when he's not...be happy! You get to be on a better mood when he's gone and so you can actually enjoy being without your boss.

Even if the day is dreary, the stars are still there, you just have to wait to see them! Smile..

Anonymous said...


Tim Norton said...

How cute is an anonymous hug on a blog?
Oh Mr Richard. Feel better, and if you need anything you need only ask. (I am a block away, and happy to bring you care packages of fish&chips&lucozade).

richardwatts said...

An anonymous hug is an excellent thing, I reckon, monkey jedi. And thanks for offer of care packages - sadly I'm not home often enough to enjoy them. Have been home for an hour post-MCV and 10 minutes at an exhibition opening - just long enough to eat dinner, and get depressed by the news, then heartened by the 7.30 Report. Am now off to Fringe for some comedy - and god knows I need a laugh right now!